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Are All Food Storage Companies the Same? Have you ever wondered why #17 at most Mexican restaurants is almost always Chile Rellenos? Or why the menus are eerily the same among Mexican restaurants from city to city and town to town? I have, because little things like that bother me, especially when it comes to [...]

USDA Recall of Nutriom and OvaEasy Egg Products On February 15, 2014, the USDA and FSIS issued a CLASS I recall of over 220,000 pounds of OvaEasy egg products made by Nutriom LLC. The CLASS I recall was issued due to potential Salmonella contamination of some dried egg products, many of them used by emergency [...]

Would You Like to Begin Prepping, But Don’t Know Where to Start? Survivalist 101 contributor M.J. Buchanan shares her tips for beginning the prepping process, including food and water storage, as well advice on how to save money on prepping supplies. She also blogs about survivalism, hiking and camping on her own blog – you [...]

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