Survival Skills

What is a Pandemic? What’s the difference between a nasty weekend flu that’s going around and a pandemic? Body count. That’s one way to look at a major catastrophe caused by a rapidly spreading disease. This is not a theoretical subject. In 1918 an influenza outbreak, variously called the Spanish Flu Pandemic, the 1918 Flu [...]

What is a Dirty Bomb? In simple terms, a “dirty bomb” is a conventional bomb (dynamite, C4) combined with radioactive components (powder, pellets) so that the explosion creates a cloud of radioactive material. That makes a dirty bomb in technical terms a radiological dispersion device, or RDD. It’s sometimes classified as a weapon of mass [...]

Potential Catastrophes and Natural Disasters There are many potential natural disasters – flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, meteor strike, to name a few. In the last fifty years or so, we human beings have added or increased the potential for quite a few more catastrophes – pandemic, nuclear holocaust, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), dirty bomb (nuclear [...]

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