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Hello, my name is Ray and I’m a survivalist. I am part of a 50 person prepping survival group located at the trailhead of the Appalachian Trial, in the North Georgia Mountains, Ellijay, Georgia. Our company is Aunica Media LLC., a small group of Survivalists who have been in the business of outfitting survivalists and Appalachian trail hikers, state, national and local municipalities since 2008. You can reach us by phone six seven eight 807-8774, email admin [AT] survivalist101.com, by mail or in person at:

Survivalist Ranch
60 Riverbend Circle
Ellijay, GA 30536

Survivalist 101

Our original purpose when we created this company was to document our survivalist group’s journey into prepping, and to serve as a way for us to buy our survival supplies at wholesale prices. However, after a short amount of time we started getting requests from friends, family, church members, local municipalities and other like-minded survivalists to help get them their prepping supplies at discount prices too.

To help keep track of the best gear and to help our friends and family order from the suppliers we had the best deals with we added a store “cart” to the site displaying the products others had purchased. Then, to help the new members within our group, we invited experts within our group to write short tutorials and articles within their area of expertise.

Before we knew it … our secret prepping website became quite popular in the prepping community and  became a business that was dedicated to helping people prepare for less.

Okay, Let’s Sell Some Bug out Bags

Without really trying, our bug out bags caught fire in the North West in early 2009. What started out as a price miscalculation on our part, turned out to be one of our best business moves to date. Three simple sku numbers caused us to miscalculate our cost on our bug out bags by about 20%, As it turned out, the 30% profit we thought we were making on each unit turned out to only be 10%. By the time we caught the error we had dozens of orders from multiple local, county and state municipalities in Washington state.

As it turned out, these local municipalities were buying our bug out bags as emergency kits for their FEMA and local responders to use in preparation for catastrophic emergency situations. Our first set of bug out bags went out in early January, by February we had orders for 9 dozen more from over 5 different counties in 3 different states. I guess good news spreads fast!

Why We No Longer Sell Bug Out Bags

In January of 2018, we ceased building and selling bug out bags. We could list a number of reasons why, however, the short answer is: Amazon and Walmart.

Our bug out bags were the perfect blend of quality and price. We used only name brand items that were designed in America and built to that company’s specs. Unlike the cookie cutter “survival kits” that are prepackaged China-matic kits and passed them off as bug out bags, we actually designed and tested every item in our bags. Every item we uses was from a reputable name brand company that stood behind their products.

The end result of this was that we had a better product, that cost a little more, with each individual item backed by a name brand’s warranty. Sure we could have ordered a lot of the things that we put in our bug out bags from no-name producers in China, like EVERY OTHER PERSON selling “survival kits” online, and put out a cheaper product, but we couldn’t do it and build a better product.

At the end of the day, it’s was our name on the bag, and we were not willing to compromise on quality.  As the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces rose in prominence, more an more of our customers would leave our website (we tracked them) to buy the $199 pieces of crap that flood the Amazon Walmart marketplaces. Unwilling to change, we gave up building bug out bags.

Nowadays, we spend our time building new tutorials, articles and planning with our 50+ person prepping group. We are real survivalist, with real solutions about how to provide you and your family better solutions for survival in our changing environment. Feel free to join our page on Facebook to keep in touch.

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