About our company

Who We Are
Hello, my name is Samson and I”m a prepper, our company is Aunica Media LLC., a small group of designers, coders and writers who are in the business of publishing websites since 2008. We are located in the North Georgia Mountains in Ellijay, Georgia.
Survivalist 101
Survivalist 101 was originally designed to document my family’s journey into prepping, however after a short amount of time we added the store, then tutorials and then more content and before I knew it, my “pet website” had become a full fledged business. 
Our company, Aunica Media, owns and operates quite a few websites, but S101 is the only website that I personally run on a day to day basis.
Anyway, I started S101 after watching the show called “Doomsday Preppers.” And for the record, I am not a huge fan of the show. I don’t care for their “over the top” premises and the way they depict and stereotype preppers.
Ironically though, after watching a couple of episodes of Doomsday Preppers, I had a Matrix-like paradigm shift in my whole world view. I started thinking about how fragile the world we live in really is.
I realized that our blind faith in the things that we take for granted like our food chain, health care system, power grid and our government’s ability to take care of us is poorly placed. I also realized that I had a lot to learn. So, I began my journey and called it Survivalist 101.
Are You a Prepping Expert?
I am wise in the ways, but far from a Jedi Knight. However, I will become an expert, and I will document it here on this channel.
Are we prepping for the zombie apocalypse?
Are You Prepping for a World Wide Collapse?
No, not really. However we are watchful of world events, which adds confidence to our prepping efforts. We realize that our preps are thousands of times more likely to pay dividends during a natural disaster other than some end of the world scenario.
Our view is pretty simple. We don’t care which team you cheer for, we want to help you survive. And we don’t cheer for any teams. Personally, I view most politicians with equal disdain, why in the world would I join their “team?”
We are however, unapologetically and overwhelmingly in support of our Second Amendment rights. We ARE on that “team.”
Who in the World is Samson Bearkiller?
Samson is a bit of a misnomer, since I am He. When I first put up this Popsicle stand I wanted to source most of the content myself, but I wanted this website to have a fresh writer. So after a few beers, I came up with the name de plume and Samson Bearkiller was born.
Basically, I invented a funny way to speak about myself in the third person. The jury is still out on Samson’s future. For right now, you can attribute anything he says to me, Aubrey.

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