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  • I found your article very informative and educational. Thanks for sharing the results from all the work you did!
    One thing I want to comment on, regarding Wise Food;
    My first impression from the comparison chart was that some companies do not use real meat, at all.
    Now, the chart is accurate regarding no meat in the Wise Food product chosen for this comparison chart.
    But, because I sell Wise Food products, I know that they also do use 100% real meat in many of the entree recipes they offer (i.e. 720 serving gourmet freeze dried meat).
    If I was unfamiliar with Wise Food and if real meat was important to me, I may have been misled by the chart.
    Food for thought…:)

  • wondering, so what is your take on the patriot food??? websites say the food is from indiana…..since there is so much advertising hype, exactly who would you choose??
    thanks so much

    • How did you find out where they make their food? When we tried to find out anything from them they were so tight-lipped we couldn’t find out anything. I haven’t tried their food but I do know it’s a TVP product that uses false marketing techniques …

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