1944 Bug Out Bag Completely In Tact! – USN M-592 Pilot Survival Kit [VIDEO]


Check out this never before filmed WW2 Navy Survival Kit. The Naval Aerospace Specification M-592 was a pilot’s survival kit worn under the life vest and parachute. This 13 pound kit was very uncomfortable for the pilot to wear, pushing them too far up in their seat. It was very comprehensive, a pioneering kit that led to better and more efficient designs as this was one of the earliest.

About 40,000 were produced in the couple years it was made. Huge thanks to my Patrons at Patreon for making this one possible. I will now choose the proper museum to donate this kit so it will be re-purposed one last time for it served an airman well, used for this footage, and then in the end to be on display for others to see it.

My most expensive video to date (and longest running), this kit typically costs $1,750 in this condition. The Fishing Kit in a Can runs at $200. I was lucky and only had to pay $800 and change to secure this kit. (Fishing kit in a can was $150) It took me years to find this M-592. I remember starting the search for one back when I was still a teenager. So at least 10 years. I’ve seen three for sale before this one. They always were far out of my budget and averaged at between $1,250-$2000.

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