Survival Gardening

Survival Gardening: Extended Season and Cold Weather Tips


A steady supply of fresh vegetables for as much of the year as possible is a good thing in the best of times. In a long term crisis it can be the difference between simply surviving and thriving. There are several methods to extend the traditional growing seasons well into if not all the way [...]

How to Choose the Best Survival Garden Seeds and Avoid Dangerous GMOs


So you’re ready to start survival gardening, but where do you begin? Step one is to adjust your mindset. Don’t think of it simply as one of your preps, but as a new part of your “normal” life. Starting Your Survival Garden If you wait for a crisis to start your garden it may be [...]

Survival Food Never Tasted Better: How to Build a Survival Garden


A lot of time has been devoted to the subject of food storage in the prepper/survivalist community. While food storage is a vital part of your preps, a survival garden lasts year after year. In a long term survival situation (think extended grid-down scenarios, prolonged social disorder, disruptions in transportation and distribution systems, or a [...]