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Hurricane Kit: The Top 10 Essentials You Must Include


Hurricane season 2013 began with tropical storm Andrea, which brought high winds, tornadoes, and record rainfall to portions of the southern and northeastern parts of the US. Fortunately, it didn’€™t cause massive amounts of damage but it was the first warning for residents of hurricane prone areas to get prepared for hurricane season.

Emergency Car Kit: How to Survive a Rural Breakdown


Vehicle breakdowns can happen anywhere, but with the availability of cell phones and roadside assistance services, most people don’t bother to carry an emergency car kit. Even fewer know how to change a tire or put oil in their engine, and some people don’t even know how to read a local map. However, there are [...]

Survival Kit for Hurricanes: Prepare Ahead of Time


Hurricanes bring to mind destructive winds and heavy rains, but in fact, the wind is often the least of your worries! It’s OK though because we’ve put together an excellent Survival Kit for Hurricanes that you can pick up in our store. Throughout the following paragraphs, we’re going to tell you what each component is used [...]