Eberlestock V90 – Stress Test [VIDEO REVIEW]

So, some Youtuber, who will remain unnamed, posted a video that showed an Eberlestock pack in less than a favorable light. If you have been around survivalist 101 for any amount of time, you know we think very highly of Eberlestock. In fact, it is our most recommended backpack for people who are building a serious bug out bag. 

The V90, AKA “The Battleship” is a serious pack, We have built dozens of BOB’s with this pack with absolutely NO Problems. Watch this video to see what we mean …


Total Volume: 6100 c.i. 
Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz 
Dimensions main bag: 36″h x 14″w x 11.5″d


The V90 Battleship is a big, pack-all-you-can-carry-and-go-someplace backpack. It’s a conventional class backpack with unconventional features. It is more fully detailed than most packs in its category. In the tradition of our focus on practical field use, we’ve built the 60 liter (3660 cubic inch) V69 Destroyer and 99 liter (6050 cubic inch) V90 Battleship to be extremely capable and comfortable load bearing systems. With very similar features, the main difference between the two is one of scale. Choose the slightly more compact V69 if you need smaller capacity and prefer to go as light as possible. Choose the larger V90 if you simply need to get serious and haul some big loads.

For its scale, this pack is exceptionally light weight. We’ve carefully chosen new materials that give the optimum balance between high strength and light weight, and arranged them very cleverly, if we do say so ourselves. Every feature and detail has a purpose, and many of them have multiple purposes.

Includes full rain cover, which stows in a pocket on the bottom of the pack. Compatible with either WXP3L or WX2L hydration bladders (two bladder compartments; one on each side of pack).

Actual weight = 8 lbs. 12 oz. Shipping dimensional weight = 21 lbs.


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