Beta Test: Kelly Kettle

Here’s the deal: When we bring new items into the Survivalist Store we like to have a thorough review for our shoppers so that they can make a wise buying decision. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to review all of our products.

Also, we believe that the most honest and helpful reviews should be written by someone who doesn’t have a financial tie to the product. So we decided to turn to our FaceBook fans ….

What Do I Need to Do?

Well, we are going to send one lucky fan a pretty cool product, on faith. Obviously, we want a well  documented review that is helpful to our visitors. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Be as creative as you want. If you are good at this, we may send you more products to review in the future.

Is This A Contest?

Not at all. We will pick one person based solely on the description that is left below. We may pick the best person, and we may not; we certainly hope we choose the right person. Our choice on who gets to review this product is completely based on who we think will give us the most honest and detailed review. Other than that, there is no contest.

Suggestions for Winning:

  • If chosen, be available for contact by phone and email. Please indicate in your description if you are available to speak by phone. Do not leave your number, we will contact you by email if you are selected.
  • Video & Pictures. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
  • Give an honest and fair description and opinion. If it sucks, we want to know. If it is a good product, but not right for you, maybe describe for who or what circumstances the product would be ideal.
  • Prior reviews. Do you have a youtube channel? Do you have any other videos to share?
  • Group reviews. Does your Church or civic organization have an interest or need for this product? If so, maybe you can show it being used in a group setting.
  • Are you a blogger? Can you help us spread the word about this product if it reviews well?
  • Think outside of the box. What can you do that hasn’t already been done?
  • Do you have survivalist skills? Show off this product in a unique survival situation.


  • Be completely honest in your review.
  • We would like the review to be ready within a week after receiving the product. (Once we speak by phone we may be able to accommodate different schedules if need be.)
  • Don’t be rude, mean or hateful to any person.
  • Love your brother as you love yourself  🙂

Get To It!

That’s it. Just tell us how you intend to review our product, may the best reviewer win!

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