Russian media circulate fake news of C-130J crash in Afghanistan

Russian media circulate fake news of at least 11 people have died after a U.S. C-130J Hercules aircraft crashed at an airport in Afghanistan.

Russian state and private media are circulating fake news of C-130J aircraft crashed at Jalalabad airport in Afghanistan.

“American C-130 transport plane has crashed in Afghanistan, killing at least 11 people, a US defense official has said. Among the dead are several US troop members and contracted civilians whose nationalities have not been disclosed,” – said in Russian fake news reports.

The media website – which also has strong links to the Russian government – has also added that the Taliban has claimed responsibility for shooting down the C-130.

The U.S. officials have refuted Russian fake news reports suggesting that U.S. aircraft crashed at an airport in Afghanistan.

Russia extensive uses trolls and bots to unleash disinformation on to social media and with the result, even famous news channels and websites pick up fake news.

Early Dr. Alexander Kott, ARL chief scientist said that information attacks have emerged as a major concern of societies worldwide. They come under different names and in different flavors — fake news, disinformation, political astroturfing, influence operations, etc. And they may arrive as a component of hybrid warfare — in combination with traditional cyber-attacks (use of malware), and with conventional military action or covert physical attacks.

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