How to Make a Survival Can Opener Using a Rock

Left Your Survival Can Opener Behind Yet Again?

Whether you’re a prepper or not, chances are that you have some canned goods stored in your pantry. And like most people, you probably open them with an electric can opener because:

a) It’s fast and convenient.

b) You don’t own a manual can opener or can’t find it.

However, what if there is a long term power outage and you can’t use your electric can opener? Or, you have to bug out and forget your manual can opener, what then? Not to despair, there is a simple way to open a can without one.

How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener in 3 Easy Steps

The lid on a can is one piece of metal that rolls over the end of the can to seal it. The seal can be broken and the can opened if you follow these 3 easy steps…

1. Place the end of the can you wish to open on a rough but flat cement surface or a flat rock.

Survival can opener
2. Slide the can back and forth while applying downward pressure, and it will grind off the metal that holds the end on the can. (This should only take a minute)

Survival can opener

Rubbing end of can over cement to break seal.

3. Carefully remove the lid of the can and eat the bounty.

Survival can opener to open cans

Opened cans ready to eat!


Watch the video and see how it’s done.

If you have no desire to try this handy trick for making a survival can opener, always have a manual can opener, like this one from Survivalist 101, stored in your bug out bag (BOB). It also fits on a key-chain.

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