Insect Control

Which animal has killed more humans than any other animal in History?
Answer: The Mosquito, and not by a small margin.

I’ve heard certain notable survivalists refer to mosquito nets and sprays as “vanity” items when it comes to bugging out, and for the most part, they’re right. Their point being, that a strong smelling insecticide, like the ones that are used to repel mosquitoes, can give away your position to people and dogs that are tracking or pursuing you. Right again. 

However, what if you are NOT being pursued? 

In my opinion, mosquito netting for long term bug out missions is as necessary as a sleeping pad or ground tarp. When you consider the weight to need ratio a mosquito net is a no-brainer. Sleep in a survival situation is more crucial, in some respects, than eating. When you are tired from lack of sleep you make mistakes.

Injuries can happen and you lose the ability to perform survival tasks that require energy and concentration. If you have ever tried to sleep when you are being bombarded by hungry mosquitoes, you know it’s nearly impossible. Any device that can aid you in being well rested, is needed on long term bug out missions.

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