Imagine all traffic being stopped on a major US interstate and being forced to abandon your vehicle on the highway. As you exit your car you see hundreds of people walk around and talking to each other in an attempt to find out about what’s going on.

You, on the other hand, smell trouble. You can see flashes of lights and smoke rising from the city you were approaching. While other people are milling around in confusion, you grab your bug out bag and slowly disappear into the forest  taking a direct path towards your home to check on your family.

What you do next entirely depends on how well prepared you are with the products on this page. You are going to need a map and compass to plot your way home. You will also want to have one-way or two-way communication so that you can ascertain and predict trouble and where it is happening. 

If you do not have local topographic maps in your bug out bag, stop what you are doing now and go put one in it. Really. Do it now.


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