Survivalist Unite

Survivalist Unite

This video is to help raise money for Justin Sage Williams, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and has had two brain surgeries to remove his massive tumor already. We are giving away $6000 in survival training courses to help raise money for his fund to help cover some of these massive expenses. This will be like an auction and the highest bidders in order will receive the prizes 30 days from now. Please help our friend. He isn’t able to pay his bills and we need to help him and his wife through this terrible time.

He is a young man at only 35 years old. Sigma 3 is like a global family and we take care of our own. We’ve donated a $1000 to his fund and given $6000 in training. We truly hope you can pitch in and help. Even super small donations can make a difference. Keep an eye on the fundraiser and you’re allowed to bid as many times as you want in order to get to the highest bid.

We will tabulate all the bidders and figure out who gave the most. The giveaway will include the following: 1- 45 day survival instructor course and 4 survival standard courses. A value worth $6000. You can take the courses yourself or give them to anyone you want. The final deadline for bidders is February 21, 2019 Thank you so much in advance for you help of Justin Sage Williams!


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