Product: Preparedness

Product: Preparedness

  Survival fishing calls for primitive means and unconventional fishing techniques. Find out more about this below! Survival Fishing: A Means to an End   1. Fishing Nets Using nets, either passively or actively, is one of the most common ways that people fish worldwide. A small net can easily fit in a pack better [...]

5  Methods to Purify Water Why Clean Water Is Essential We all know the significance of clean water in our body. It helps our cells, organs, and tissues to regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Without clean water, it would be difficult to survive or persevere especially when SHTF. But what happens if you find [...]

Marlin Papoose – Best Bug Out Rifles [Video]

Self-loading take-down carbine. Stainless steel barrel. Cross bolt safety and manual bolt hold-open. Adjustable open rear sight. Ramp front sight. Grooved for scope mount. Black, synthetic stock with molded-in checkering and swivel studs. Comes in zippered nylon floatable case. Clip feed. This stainless steel, semi-auto tack driver packs down compactly in its all-weather case, making [...]

Survivalist Tips For Backpacking In The Rain

Tips for Backpack Camping in the Rain   10. DON’T Go, If You are Afraid of being uncomfortable 9. Practice Survival Skills in Good Weather 8. Get a Good Backpack Find a pack that fits your: Trip length (single or multi-day) Personal preference (comfort versus weight-saving) Body type/torso length Materials/quality Right capacity for use Fit [...]