There is no blueprint for shelter building. Terrain and circumstance will dictate the final structure. If I look back over the years and remember every single one that I’ve slept in, each one was different, each had its own set of quirks, foibles, discomforts, and itches. You rarely sleep well in a wilderness shelter [...]

Build an Inexpensive DIY Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to stockpile fresh fruits and vegetables without spending tons of cash, then consider building a DIY greenhouse. Don’t get me wrong; I think every prepper should have canned and freeze-dried food supplies available for short-term emergencies. But you’ll need a reliable food source to turn to when these [...]

We often hear about people going “off-grid.”  What does that mean exactly?  In fact, what grid are we even talking about? The grid originally referred to the power grid.  During the late 19th century, power systems were extremely localized.  A generator might be connected to a few hundred lamps within a neighborhood. As these localized [...]