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Level One Bug Out Bag List Template

Level One Delta Bug Out Bag


Packs - Bug Out Bag List

Level One Bug Out Bag List )
Level one bug out bags are amazing 72 hour bags that are designed to provide all of the basics needed to survive a three day bug-out mission. They are best used as office or car go bags. We used to build them with four different packs.

1 – NcSTAR Tactical Backpack OR
1 – Condor Convoy Outdoor Pack OR
1 – Condor 3 Day Assault Pack OR
1 – 5.11 COVRT18 Tactical Covert Backpack
1 – Tactical Morale Patch USA Flag (Optional)
1 – NC Star Molle Emt Pouch, black


Water & Rations - Bug Out Bag List

 ( Level One Bug Out Bag List )

Level one bags have three days of rations at 1200 calories per day. They can carry a gallon of water and filter another 264 gallons on the mo ve. They are pre-loaded with 1.5 liters of long term water storage packets and have a pack stove and aluminum cup for boiling water.

1 – LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
1 – SOS Emergency Water Packets
1 – SOS Food Labs 3600 Calorie Food Bar
1 – Rothco 3 Piece 1 Quart Canteen Kit With Cover & Aluminum Cup
1 – Rothco Water Bottle/Survival Kit

Tool Section - Bug Out Bag List

( Level One Bug Out Bag List ) 
Level one bags have the, virtually bulletproof, Morkniv fixed blade survival knife, a hand held wire saw and a multi-function knife. These tools give you the ability to bushcraft and carve you way out of most situations that could arrive in a three day bug out mission.

1 – Morakniv Basic 511 High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Utility Knife
1 –11-in-1 Stainless Steel Swiss Army Style Pocket Folding Knife
1 – Rescue Cable Wire Survival Chain Saw

Lighting Section - Bug Out Bag List

( Level One Bug Out Bag List )
Lighting is extremely important when bugging out. This is why level one bags have four different light sources to make sure you’re never left in the dark. This includes a water resistant Gerber flood-adjustable torch, a Rothco 9 bulb GI headlamp, candles and a pen light for checking gear at night.

1 – Gerber Iris Flashlight
1 – Rothco Black Nine Bulb LED Headlamp
2 – Emergency Candles (Included in Water Bottle/Survival Kit)
1 – 6 in 1 tool Pen flashlight (Included in Water Bottle/Survival Kit)

Shelter Section - Bug Out Bag ListSHELTER & WARMTH SECTION
( Level One Bug Out Bag List )
In this section, most introductory kits will throw in a cheap poncho and call it quits. At Ultimate Bug Out Bags, we realize that hypothermia will kill you in minutes if you do not have protection from the elements. That’s why all Level 1 kits contain sturdy ponchos, an emergency tent, an emergency hypothermia blanket, leather palmed gloves and hand warmers.

1 – Emergency Sleeping Bag
1 – Coghlan’s Emergency Tube Tent
1 – Coghlan’s Waterproof Poncho, Olive
1 – 42-Gallon Contractor Trash Bag (You can buy these at lowes)
4 – HotHands Hand Warmers, 10 count
1 – Mylar Thermal Blankets (10 Pack)
1 – Caterpillar Cowhide Split Leather Palm Gloves

First Aid Section - Bug Out Bag ListFIRST AID & HYGIENE SECTION
( Level One Bug Out Bag List )
Level 1 Bug Out Bags come with full first aid kits that are more than a few band-aids and tongue depressor. Each bug out bag has a Family Travel Kit that comes in a water resistant carrying case that has 20 of the most commonly needed items in first aid situations.

1- FA129X-BRK Travel First Aid Kit
1- Pneumatic Plus Benehal Respirator Dust Mask

Survival Kit Section - Bug Out Bag ListSURVIVAL SECTION
( Level One Bug Out Bag List )
Level 1 Ultimate Bug Out Bags offer a full array of survival kit items to help you navigate almost any situation in which you may find yourself. You have three different methods for building fires, snare wire, a sewing kit, fishing kit, zip ties, duct tape, REAL 7 strand 550 lb. paracord, a pack stove with fuel and much more.

1 – Rothco Water Bottle/Survival Kit
1 – 6 in 1 Tool: (Included it above kit)
-magnifying glass
1 – Snare Wire (Included it above kit)
1 – Signal mirror (Included it above kit)
5 – Pop-up towels (wet & expand) (Included it above kit)
1 – Sewing kit (Included it above kit)
1 – Matches, wind & waterproof (Included it above kit)
1 – Fishing kit (Fresh Water) (Included it above kit)
2 – Light Duty Plastic ties (Included it above kit)
1 – Zip dry-bag (Included it above kit)
1 – Ferro Rod Striker (Included it above kit)
1 – Aluminium Cup (On Canteen Above)
1 – 8” 1000ct Cable Ties
1 – Full Size Bic Regular Lighter
1 – Flat-Packed Coghlan’s Handy Duct Tape
1 – Paracord – Commercial Grade 550 lb 7 Strand
1 – Coghlan’s Emergency Stove


Bug Out Bag List Sections

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