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The Mother of All Bug Out Bag Lists

Bug Out Bag List Odds and Ends and Other Considerations

That wraps up our ultimate bug out bag list. As we mentioned above, we used to sell these as complete kits. For retail and practical reasons, there are some things we could not include in these bags. Below ares some items that you should consider adding to your bug out bag list. Just remember, you may be hoofing this bag 20 miles, pack accordingly.
  • MRE’s (Heavy)
  • Fish Antibotics – There are different types (we’ll post an article on this later)
  • Packets of sugar, Light and provides energy.
  • Vitamins (The chewable type works best)
  • Dry Rice & Beans (make sure you have a pot of some sort)
  • Tea Bags (lighter than coffee)
  • Edible plants guide for your area. <<< YES THIS!!!
  • Extra Cash (Small bills) , Coins, Gold.
  • Fish Nets (multiple uses besides catching fish)
  • Tie wire (so many uses)
  • Army Field Manuals, Pocket Survival guide, if you’re inexperienced.
  • Am/Fm Radio (don’t go overboard here, a cheap hand crank version will do)
  • Important phone numbers Written Down.
  • Passport and copies of other important personal information.
  • Spare shoes/boots and extra laces
  • Cotton, Used to silienge clanking gear and as fire tinder. (I fill my bag with this stuff)
  • Zip lock bags, Keeping stuff organized and dry is paramount
  • Map of your area <<< YES THIS!!!
  • Binoculars (see things before they see you)
  • Magnifying glass, spare glasses (redundancy for fire starting)
  • Super glue, light and can extend the life of your equipment,
  • Salt & pepper, why not?
  • Bandanas, (Sooo many uses)
  • Waterproof Pouches / zip bags
  • Foam Ground Mat
  • Ibuprofen (If you take it often, you’ll need this)
  • Benadryl (allergies get worse in the woods)
  • Bar of soap
  • Dental floss / tooth picks
  • Extra socks, kept in zip lock bags <<< YES THIS!!!
  • Underwear, Ditto.
  • Personal protection, besides bug out problems, hungry things lurk in the woods.
  • GPS (make sure you have a compass as a back up)
  • Respirator or gas mask (takes a lot of room, use your best judgement)
  • Frying pan (very heavy and not practical, but extremely nice to have)
  • Lightweight Hammock
  • Gold-bond powder (for chafing and foot care)
  • Sun block ( life saver if needed)
  • Signaling mirror (great for non-zombie apocalypse)
  • Glow sticks (in case of disco, we aren’t fans of these)
  • Spare battery for your electronics <<< YES THIS!!!
  • Solar powered w/rechargeable battery
  • Aluminum foil, millions of uses.
  • Towel, chamois cloth.
  • Clothes pins, Rubber bands
  • Signal flares


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