Economic Collapse Preparation

Only the truly delusional would dispute that the fiscal health of the United States is in serious decline. In fact, its key vital sign, the US Dollar, is dangerously close to flat lining. which would cause a total currency collapse. The world’s central bankers have opined their diagnosis that the condition is terminal as they desperately try to extricate themselves from an increasingly toxic US  dollar and probable economic collapse.

Economic Collapse PreparationYet, the policymakers in Washington sit blithely in denial as the Federal Reserve continues to feed the addiction that is killing the USD through endless money printing. If this was an episode of CSI, all of Washington, DC would be investigated for the slow and agonizing death of the USD to the point of an economic collapse.

Meanwhile, the American public and the rest of the world have awakened to the realization that, when the USD dies, so do their own fortunes. Not willing to sit helplessly as the declining dollar threatens their way of life, governments, states and communities throughout the world and in the U.S. are quickly closing ranks in economic collapse preparation to take the only possible action that will ensure their survival – turn to alternative currencies to the US Dollar.

Economic Collapse Preparation - Currency CollapseIf, as expected, the USD does not survive, the resulting currency collapse will produce shock-waves across the globe, possibly crippling the economies of those countries still heavily dependent on the USD as the world’s currency reserve. But, the most devastating shock-wave will slam right into the U.S., shattering its economy while spreading chaos throughout the land.

What these other governments and many of our own states and communities see coming, that our policymakers don’t or choose to ignore, is a hyperinflationary spiral the likes that have never been seen before, and there have been dozens in recent history. Without some sort of economic collapse preparation, we are doomed to repeat history.

Once unleashed, hyperinflation will reduce our fiat currency to bird cage lining. A 12-roll toilet paper package will have more value than a vault full of US currency. In fact, toilet paper could very well become an alternative currency as dollar bills are much too coarse to use as alternative.

The point being that the immediate consequence of hyperinflation is that the USD will be rendered worthless as a medium exchange forcing American citizens to find an alternative medium of exchange.

Economic Collapse Preparation –The Declining Dollar …

But, you won’t have to wait until hyperinflation hits to feel the effects of a currency collapse. You’re feeling it already, at the gas pump, at the grocery stores, and in your savings accounts. The dollar has been declining in value since it was first decoupled from gold as the currency standard.

During times of economic duress, such as the financial crisis and the Great Recession, the government, or more specifically the Federal Reserve, prints more money to try to stimulate the economy. The more money it prints, the cheaper in value the dollar becomes.

As the dollar declines in value, the cost of goods imported from other countries increase. The cost of oil is almost directly correlated with the value of the dollar as are the prices of food and metal commodities such as gold. The lower the dollar goes, the higher these commodities rise in price.

Your investments in government bonds and saving accounts are now earning virtually nothing after accounting for inflation. As long as the dollar continues to be devalued, interest rates will remain low making it especially hard for seniors living off of fixed income investments and savings.

When the rest of the world tires of holding cheap dollars, it will replace it with another currency to avoid a world-wide economic collapse, or perhaps gold as the world’s reserve currency. And, when that happens, the US dollar will collapse altogether. And that’s when you need to be ready to welcome in hyperinflation.

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