(WATCH) One of largest-ever gatherings of Medal of Honor recipients honored at MLB All-Star Game

Major League Baseball paid tribute to 30 Medal of Honor recipients at the 89th MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night, following the introduction of the MLB All-Stars at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

The ceremony was presented by MasterCard, and the group of veterans took the field to be recognized.

Less than four miles from the Pentagon, the ceremony represented one of the largest gatherings of Medal of Honor recipients in history.

The cheers from the crowd displayed a show of widespread military appreciation, with roars of support that were louder than the introduction of the biggest stars in baseball.

Each MLB player met every Medal of Honor recipient at the diamond to thank them for their service.

The names of all 30 recipients were read out loud over the park speakers to the 43,000-plus fans that were in attendance.

The ceremony ended with a five-jet flyover.

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