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The list of knives below cost between $39 and $200. We chose the best inexpensive knives and moderately priced knives to cover everyone's budget; and to find the BEST overall survival knives.Remember, it's a survival knife ... and it doesn't work if you can't afford it! However, if it's worth it, it might be good [...]

My company, Survivalist 101, sells food storage and other survivalist  gear. A little more than a month ago I inquired about advertising on Glenn Beck's website, The Blaze and was told "We are not accepting advertising from companies that provide food storage." According to the sales rep I spoke with, they had just landed a three [...]

1. As widely reported by the anti-gun networks, they are not filled with gung-ho pro-gun kooks. I was probably the biggest "pro-gun kook" out of all the people I met Saturday and Sunday. Most people were reverent in their demeanor, respectful and simply there to have a good time looking at the multitude of awesome [...]

Tell someone about your emergency/disaster preparedness plans or mention the words "prepper" or "survivalist" and you will likely get some of these responses: Who has time for that, and why would I need to do it? Oh, you mean from that show "Doomsday Preppers?" Why would anyone spend all their money preparing for things that [...]

Alaska has more guns per citizen than any two states combined, except Texas, and is 46th out of 50 states in gun related deaths and violence. As horrible as these home-grown terrorist tragedies are, they are very small when compared to the over-all gun related violence and death statistics in America. So the question is: [...]