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The Mother of All Bug Out Bag Lists

The Mother of All Bug Out Bag Lists

If you are a regular reader then you know that we used to own and build the “Ultimate Bug Out Bags” line of professional bug out bags. We were the nation’s leading supplier of pre-made bug out bags. We built the best, most bad-ass, bug out bags that money could buy from 2008 through 2017. This is the bug out bag list of our most popular builds.

We sold hundreds of bug out bags in that time period and recorded on two customer returns. So when we decided to put together a bug out bag list we also decided to revive our “Ultimate Bug Out Bags” by making public the exact templates of the professional bug out bags that we used to sell.

So what’s the big deal with our bug out bag list templates? Simply put, they have been used to build tons of professional bug out bags and are proven in the field under survival circumstances. The bug out bag list that you find on most websites are usually nothing more than a list of items that you may or may not need, leaving you to sort through an endless array of items.

Our bug out bags were optimized for price and function. Meaning, we aren’t simply giving you a wish-list of the most expensive items. Anyone can throw $2000 at a bug out bag and end up with a great product. However, having a template that helps you shell out a lot less money that still yields a badass bug out bag is priceless

In other words, we are giving you a bug out bag list that has done all the work for you, in effect, sharing our secrets. All of the products that we have included have been personally tested, and were chosen because they did the best job for the least amount of money. We spent 10 years and 11 different revision generations later came up with these optimized bug out bags. That’s how this bug out bag list is different.

Below you will find four different bug out bag levels. The following bug out bag list for each level is divided into seven corekits that will increase in size and price as you move up the different bug out bag levels..

  • Packs & Pouches
  • Rations & Water
  • Tools & Blades
  • Lighting
  • Shelter
  • First Aid
  • Survival Kit

Bug Out Bag List Sections

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