Raising Fish for Food: Backyard Fish Farming for Survival


Raising Fish for Survival Food Raising fish for survival food has gained popularity in recent years as more people seek to provide a healthy food source for their families. Due to the overwhelming evidence of chemicals and impurities in foreign raised fish, raising fish at home is a safer alternative than buying fish from the [...]

Raising Cattle on Small Acreage: Risks and Benefits

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We Thought We Knew Everything About Raising Cattle… When we decided to buy a homestead in rural Tennessee, we wanted a more peaceful, quiet existence. We didn’t necessarily want to be isolated from people, but we wanted a place far enough out to have some relative privacy. One reason we bought a farm was to [...]

Preparing Medicinal Herbs: Create Natural Remedies in Your Kitchen


Ten Ways of Preparing Medicinal Herbs One of the most important things about herbal medicine is how it’s prepared. There are many different methods of preparing medicinal herbs, such as teas, poultices, syrups, and salves. There really aren’t any set rules for what cooking methods to use for certain physical conditions but a good indicator [...]

The 8 Best Medicinal Herbs You Should Grow in a Survival Garden


Medicinal Herbs to Grow in a Survival Garden There are hundreds or possibly even thousands of medicinal herbs that you could choose to plant if you have unlimited space and the leisure to learn the various conditions they can treat. However, if you’re just starting out or if you only want to grow some basic [...]

Herbal Medicine for Survivalists – History and Benefits


People have gotten sick since the first time that Eve got the sniffles, but “modern” medicine has only really existed for about the last 100 years. So what did everybody do before there were antibiotics, acetaminophen, milk of magnesia or triple antibiotic ointment? They used herbal medicine, of course! All about Herbal Medicine It used [...]

Beekeeping for Homesteaders and Preppers: Honeybees as Livestock


Honeybees – The Forgotten Livestock When we think of livestock for survival and in general, we tend to think of four legs and fur. However, in terms of return in the form of a diversity of highly useful products, we should take a step outside that box and think in terms of six legs and [...]

Homesteading Livestock: Choosing the Right Livestock for Your Needs

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Once you have decided to take the livestock plunge, it is time to get down to the serious business of choosing what type or types of stock you will raise. Some of this decision making will be dictated to you by circumstances. For instance, if you are stuck in the burbs, an Angus bull is [...]

Raising Livestock as Part of Your Survival Plan – What to Consider


In preparedness, as well as in our normal lives, my family has adopted a strategy of self-sufficiency on the homesteading model. While food storage, arms and ammunition, communications gear and generalized survival equipment and skills remain important to us, the ability to sustain ourselves long-term is the heart and soul of our preps. These are [...]

The Importance of Herbal Medicine in Your Survival Medical Kit


How to Treat Your Conditions Naturally Modern medicine is certainly a miracle, but have you ever considered what would happen if we didn’t have access to the technology physicians rely on? If we suddenly had no electricity, our society would immediately lose decades of medical advances in a single instant. That’s why every survivalist needs [...]

Choosing the Best Foods for Home Canning – Which Foods Are Safe?


How to Choose the Best Foods for Home Canning Last week, I sat in the kitchen watching as my in-laws carefully canned a dozen quarts of tomatoes from their beautiful garden. They are pros, and after years of canning experience, I suspected that they had quite a bit they could teach me. So I started [...]

Home Canning Basics – It’s Not Just Your Grandmother’s Hobby Anymore


Whether you’re preparing for a long winter or an emergency survival situation, canning is one skill that every survivalist needs to know. All the bounty of your summer garden will quickly disappear once cold weather arrives, but you can make it last with the help of home canning. By using some simple canning techniques, you [...]

Survival Gardening: Extended Season and Cold Weather Tips


A steady supply of fresh vegetables for as much of the year as possible is a good thing in the best of times. In a long term crisis it can be the difference between simply surviving and thriving. There are several methods to extend the traditional growing seasons well into if not all the way [...]

Survival Food Never Tasted Better: How to Build a Survival Garden


A lot of time has been devoted to the subject of food storage in the prepper/survivalist community. While food storage is a vital part of your preps, a survival garden lasts year after year. In a long term survival situation (think extended grid-down scenarios, prolonged social disorder, disruptions in transportation and distribution systems, or a [...]