Outdoor Survival Skills 101

Outdoor Skills 101

Our Outdoor Survival Skills 101 guide was developed with the purpose of teaching various skills that are useful in camping, hiking, and survival situations. In addition, we provide helpful tips for using materials that are found in nature to construct shelters, determine direction, or trap small game.

You will find valuable information about bush-craft skills such as locating and purifying water from natural sources and finding suitable camping grounds. Learn fire building basics, including choosing the best wood, tinder, and fire starters. Discover techniques for simple first aid, emergency survival skills, and much more.

Whether you are an avid outdoors person or a beginner, we hope these guides inspire you to experience the great outdoors in new and exciting ways.

 Tutorial Sections

Why Should You Learn Wilderness Navigation Skills? Survival often dictates that we make do with the materials we have on hand. Although it would be nice to have an electronic GPS unit with an unlimited
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A sustainable food source is arguably one of the most important aspects of a successful survival plan. Building survival traps are an excellent way to diversify your current food procurement plans without spending a lot of
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water storage
The Importance of  Potable Water in a Survival Situation The importance of water to the human body should be obvious to most of us. Comprised of 75% water, we need to consume approximately 2 liters
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Why is Survival Shelter Important? As humans, shelter is one of the things that we absolutely need. In the desert, shelter protects us from the sun. In colder climates, shelter provides protection from the wind
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Fire building is integral to any survival situation. We need fire for warmth, cooking, food preservation, and water purification, among other uses. Survival dictates that we understand how to build a fire with whatever materials
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