Off-Grid Living

Build a Self Sufficient Lifestyle in the Burbs, City, or Country


Building a self-sufficient lifestyle is no easy task under the best of circumstances. If you are a city dweller, or even a suburbanite, it can be downright daunting. Don’t be too discouraged, though. Even if you live in a studio apartment in upper Manhattan there are things that you can incorporate into your life that will [...]

Off-Grid Energy: Are the Cost and Benefits Worth It?


How Much Does Off-Grid Energy Actually Cost? The answer is…well, there isn’t one. The amount you will pay to ditch public utilities for off-grid energy is based on a ton of variables. Although it may be a difficult question to answer, let’s take a look at some of the basic cost considerations of off-grid living. [...]

Going Off-Grid – Three Questions to Ask Before You Take the Plunge


Okay, so you’re convinced that you want to move away from public utilities and become more self-sufficient. Great! But before you start buying up solar panels, you should take some time to plan out exactly what you hope to accomplish, in what time period you want to accomplish it, and the best way to reach [...]

Off-Grid Living: The Next Big Thing for Survivalists?

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We often hear about people going “off-grid.”  What does that mean exactly?  In fact, what grid are we even talking about? The grid originally referred to the power grid.  During the late 19th century, power systems were extremely localized.  A generator might be connected to a few hundred lamps within a neighborhood. As these localized [...]