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Hello, my name is Ray and I’m a survivalist. I am part of a 50 person prepping survival group located at the trail-head of the Appalachian Trial, in the North Georgia Mountains, Ellijay, Georgia. Our company is Aunica Media LLC., a small group of Survivalists, designers, coders and writers who have been in the business of outfitting survivalists, Appalachian trail hikers, state, national and local municipalities since 2008. You can reach us by phone 678-807-8774, email support@survivalist101.com, by mail or in person at:

Survivalist Ranch
60 Riverbend Circle
Ellijay, GA 30536

Survivalist 101

Our original purpose when we created this company was to document our survivalist group’s journey into prepping, and to serve as a way for us to buy our survival supplies at wholesale prices. However, after a short amount of time we started getting requests from friends, family, church members, local municipalities and other like-minded survivalists to help get them their prepping supplies at discount prices too.

To help keep track of the best gear and to help our friends and family order from the suppliers we had the best deals with we added a store “cart” to the site displaying the products others had purchased. Then, to help the new members within our group, we invited experts within our group to write short tutorials and articles within their area of expertise.

Before we knew it … our secret prepping website became quite popular in the prepping community and UBB became a business that was dedicated to helping people prepare for less.

Okay, Let’s Sell Some Bug out Bags

Without really trying, our bug out bags caught fire in the North West in early 2009. What started out as a price miscalculation on our part, turned out to be one of our best business moves to date. Three simple sku numbers caused us to miscalculate our cost on our bug out bags by about 20%, As it turned out, the 30% profit we thought we were making on each unit turned out to only be 10%. By the time we caught the error we had dozens of orders from multiple local, county and state municipalities in Washington state.

As it turned out, these local municipalities were buying our bug out bags as emergency kits for their FEMA and local responders to use in preparation for catastrophic emergency situations. Our first set of bug out bags went out in early January, by February we had orders for 9 dozen more from over 5 different counties in 3 different states. I guess good news spreads fast!

So, on the heels of this new found business, we decided to make the most of the bug out bag business, an survivalist101.com, our sister website was born. We used the extra cash from the initial orders to work out terms with our main distributor and the other vendors that we use to purchase in greater quantities to get price breaks including free inbound shipping. The result, the best bug out bags money can buy.

Why Our Bug Out Bags Rock

Our bug out bags are the perfect blend of quality and price. We use only name brand items that are designed in America and built to that company’s specs. Unlike the cookie cutter survival kit websites that purchase prepackaged China-matic kits and pass them off as bug out bags, we actually design and test every item in our bags. Every item we use is from a reputable name brand company that stands behind their products.

The end result of this is that we get better products, that cost a little more, but are backed by a name brand. Sure we could order 50% of the things we put in our bug out bags from no-name producers in China, like a lot of people selling "survival kits" online, and put out a cheaper product, but we couldn’t do it and build a better product.

At the end of the day, it’s our name on the bag, and we design and sell quality bug out bags that you can bet your life on, period. We do not sell prepackaged single use items. We would rather apologize for our price than our product, and our price is pretty damn good.

Why Buy From Us?

We Are Family …

Survivalist 101 is a family-owned and operated business since 2008. While we may not deliver your packages with helicopter thingys like "Big Brother," we do ship 99% of all of our orders in 1-3 days and beat big brother’s prices on everything we sell, and we guarantee it.

We are located at the trail-head of the Appalachian Trial, in the North Georgia Mountains, in Ellijay, Georgia. You can reach us by phone Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM toll free at 855-687-7737, email support@survivalist101.com, by mail or in person at:

Survivalist Ranch
60 Riverbend Circle
Ellijay, GA 30536

Amazingly Easy Refunds & Returns

At Survivalist 101 we make it a goal to never leave a customer dissatisfied. We work hard to make sure that every order is correct and sent out in a timely manner. We have a common sense approach to customer service, and our golden rule is to always err on the customer’s side. Our return policy, in it’s entirety, is below … no hidden legalise anywhere else. Just good old fashion customer service!Keeping Everyone Honest

Refund /Return Policy
Returns are accepted and FULL refunds are issued within 30 days from the time the order is received as long as the products are returned in the same re-sellable condition as deemed by us.

  • Shortages
    All shortages and damage must be reported within 7 days of receiving your package. If the item(s) is defective, or any mistakes on our part, Survivalist 101 will replace the item and pay for all shipping costs.
  • Survival Kits
    Only the defective item within the kit will be replaced; not the entire survival kit, should a kit be ordered. We will cover all shipping costs,
  • Billing:
    Should you notice or have any discrepancy in your billing/invoicing you have 30 days from the time you placed your order to report it to Survivalist 101.
  • Return Shipping:
    On orders returned for a refund for reasons other than defective merchandise or shipping errors, you will be responsible for return shipping. Orders exchanged, we will cover all shipping costs. Some exceptions may apply, please call us so that we can fully understand your situation.

Low Price Guarantee

We know, everyone has a "Low Price Guarantee" … and it’s usually like pulling teeth to get them to honor it. Not at Survivalist 101. Here’s how it works …

If you find a better price in the next 30 days after you purchase from us …. call us. Yea, it’s really that simple. We will Google the item you found for less, verify it while your on the phone, and refund the difference or give you a store credit for 125% of the difference! You can also submit your request by clicking here.

We Pay it Forward

We believe that we are responsible for the world we live in. For this reason we donate 10% of all profits to our community, national charities and faith based ministries that are dedicated to helping those who are in need..

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