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Survival Medicine Overview

Here’s the ugly truth: In a post apocalyptic scenario, just as many people will die from a lack of proper medication than those who are starving and dying of thirst. This “truth” is debatable since there is really no way to prove what I said, other than the fact that I have been a prepper for the better part of my life and have given the subject of survival medicine a lot of thought.

As preppers, we are usually well set up with food, water and shelter, and if not, these items are usually first on our prepper list. The one thing that we typically overlook, or think of as a second thought is the medications that we take to survive daily, survival medicine. As a society, mericans are the most medicated group of people on the planet. Many of our lives depend on these medications, and without them, a large percentage of us would die in a short amount of time.

Survival Medicine Overview

Personally, I take a medication that enhances my quality of life. There’s a big chance that you too take a medication regularly that enhances your quality of life as well. Be it for, aches and pains, asthma, allergies,  lactose intolerance and so on.

The list of ailments, for which we take medication, that do not kill us is nearly endless. Pharma companies spend billions of dollars every year convincing us that we need to take their medicine for some non-life threatening condition. If the supply to these suddenly dried up, our quality of life would greatly suffer, but we’d probably live through it.

Then there’s the group of medications that are critical to us for sustaining life. These types of medicines are the most crucial category of survival medicine that we should focus upon.  There’s a large chance that you, or someone in your immediate family, takes a medication that is critical for sustaining life. There’s an even larger chance that you have not addressed this issue in your prepping plan. How can we call ourselves preppers if we ignore the most important item that is SURE to kill us if we do not have it stockpiled?

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone, most people forget this critical part of prepping.

The main reason we leave out this category when prepping (in my opinion) is that most of these medicines that are so crucial for survival are by prescription only. This means that our hands are tied in respect to being able to stash away these all important survival medicinesurvival medicines. So instinctively, we tend to prepare the items that we DO have control of, and leave to last those items that will be the hardest to procure. It’s human nature to put off the impossible, and many of us simply forget or put the subject out of mind.

Before we get on to survival antibiotics, fish antibiotics amoxicillin shelf life so on. I want to give you some advice on a way that I stockpiled six month supply of my prescription medications.

[Disclaimer – This illegal don’t do this, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD I SAY. I am not a doctor or a professional. If you sue me you will not get very much. If you are an attorney or law enforcement officer, this is a fictitious article.]

How to Build a 90 Day Survival Medicine Supply

This gambit will work once, do not try to do it twice. I was able to do this twice because, like most Americans, I was not able to keep my doctor during the socialized medicine debacle, known as Obama Care, was enacted.

The first thing you need to do is to switch your prescriptions to the 90 day variety. Almost all insurance companies and doctors encourage this as it save money for the insurance company and the doctor has to phone in fewer prescriptions. If you order by mail, they will send you the full 90 days supply.

Make the switch right before you go out of town or on vacation. Take all of your medicine on vacation with you, then simply “forget” them in the hotel when you leave. After doing this, I suggest you “sell it” as I did.

The first thing I did was to call the hotel frantically after getting home and ask them had anyone found the medication that I had “accidentally left” there. Of course nobody had found it. 

The next thing I did was to call my doctor’s hotline, frantically, explaining that I had left my medicine at the hotel and they couldn’t find it. Don’t expect an immediate call back. 

The next thing I did was to go to my local pharmacy “frantically” and beg a day’s dose from them because I had lost my medicine. Most, if not all pharmacies have the ability to issue an emergency dose to you in such emergencies. Especially for life critical medicines.

Now the stage was set. he next day I went to my doctor’s office and explained the circumstances. I gave him the name of the hotel and who I’d spokeSurvival Medicinen with. It was an oscar-worthy performance.

That day I picked up my new 90 day prescription, as well as a small local prescription until the 90 day supply arrived by mail. I instantly had a three month supply of survival medicine added to my preps.

About a year later, due to the abomination known as Obama Care, I was forced to see a new doctor per my new insurance. Since I had changed insurance companies, doctors and pharmacies, I simply ran the same gambit as before.

I now have a six month supply of survival medicine …. and if I am ever forced to change insurance companies and doctors again, I will have a ninety day supply. It’s very important that you rotate your survival medicine and always use the oldest first. And do not make the mistake of calling in your old “lost” prescription number … that would be bad.

Survival Medicine

Loot Early – Live Longer

As I mentioned before, as preppers, we tend to focus on the easy items to prep like water, food and shelter, leaving the harder items that are harder to procure for last. Although this is not the best way to go about prepping, there is a distinct advantage, besides the obvious, to having food, water and shelter already preplanned.

[Disclaimer – This illegal don’t do this, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD I SAY. I am not a doctor or a professional. If you sue me you will not get very much. If you are an attorney or law enforcement officer, this is a fictitious article.]

When an end of the world as we know it catastrophe hits, nearly everyone will be scrambling for food, water and safety. This is your time to strike early and fast and your goal is to hit the pharmacy as soon as possible. While everyone else is scrambling for the necessities, you will pretty much have first dibs at looting the local pharmacy.

Again, this is advice only for an end-game survival scenario where public services have shut down nationwide, and only if there is no safety net or police officers.

I’ve given some thought to which pharmacies I would loot and why, and you should as well. We live in a small town, so my first thought is that I would loot the local “Bobs Pharmacy” that’s not owned by a corporate chain. These older pharmacies tend to be off the beaten trail as they have probably been around for a generation or two.

Then I thought, why does lSurvival Medicine Strategiesocation matter? If there are no police to worry about, I can loot the pharmacy on downtown Main Street in broad daylight. I also thought about who is more likely guard their pharmacy and shoot looters; Bob, or the pharmacists that work for national chains? So I quickly ruled Bob out, as Bob is way more likely to guard the store and pop-a-cap in looters than a nameless pharmacists working for “the man.”

I also semised that it would be advantageous to loot my pharmacy as opposed to a random pharmacy based on the fact that I am positive that they will have my specific medication in stock. Most chain pharmacies work on automated supply chains and may not have your medicine in stock, or if they do, in small quantities.

Survival Medicine

Know Your Survival Medicine by Name

If you do nothing else, find out the generic and name brand version names of the medicine that you take. Also, find out about similar medicines that are made by different pharma companies.

Many, if not most, medicines have generic as well as name brand names. It’s important to know, and write down, all of the different names in which your medicine is sold.

If your medicine has been on the market for some time, it’s highly likely that there are competing medicines that are not exactly what you take, but basically offer the same benefits of your current medicine. Knowing the synonymatic brands, and their generic names will double the amount of survival medicine that you can procure.

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