Freeze Dried Survival Food

Hi guys, this is Aubrey from S101. Here are a few observations I’d like to throw at you when it comes to food storage. One of the first things we think of when we begin prepping is food storage. At S101, we have sold almost every major brand of survival food on the market. Over the last ten years, I have added almost all of these different brands to my personal food storage preps. I have experience with these companies, their products and I have tasted them all. From these experiences, I offer this assessment of food storage in general.

  1. Mountain House is the best tasting and longest lasting food storage on the market, period. It’s also the most expensive. You can buy a longer time-period of food (i.e.  6 months, 1 year) for less money, however, it will not taste as good, or last as long. (Mountain House will last MUCH longer than the recommended time periods. Other food storage companies say their food will last up to a certain amount of time.)
  2.  If you buy food storage, you will eat it before you die, or you will die before you eat it. The one exception being; if you buy cheap food storage (i.e. Patriot) and try to eat it in ten years, and it tastes like ass, you will throw it away and not eat it.
  3. The best way to buy food storage is to buy it to eat, not to store. Then, simply buy more than you can eat, like you do with groceries. If you were to spend one week’s food budget on food storage each month instead of groceries (and actually prepare those meals for the family), eventually you will have plenty of food storage.
  4. If you buy food storage that tastes good to you, and you eat it, food storage doesn’t cost you a dime. If you buy a bulk package of cheap food storage and try to eat it on year-20 before it goes bad, it will have cost you thousands, because you will probably not like the way it tastes and will most likely let it expire.
  5. Food Storage companies, like regular food companies, lie about their serving sizes. If you buy food storage based on “recommended servings” you will lose weight, or more likely, burn through food storage preps faster than you thought.
  6. Mountain House Food is FULLY cooked THEN freeze dried. All other food storage is not. Other companies rely on the reconstitution stage to cook the food. Meaning, they put all the ingredients in the package and then add a dehydrated sauce mixture and allow the hot water to mix and cook the ingredients. This is why Mountain House tastes better.

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