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As many of our readers are aware, Survivalist 101 owned and operated a full-blown survival store for the last ten years. Due to the changing nature of online ecommerce, namely the rise of Amazon and Walmart, we made the decision this year to liquidate our stock and focus our efforts on the content end of our business (we operate multiple websites). It was not an easy decision to close our warehouse and layoff workers, however, the profits were not there and the writing was on the wall.

Simply put, Amazon is doing to small online retailers what Walmart did to small town retailers on Main Street across America. They have built a marketplace so vast that brands no longer need mom and pop businesses to sell their products which is currently reflected in their wholesale pricing to small businesses. 

Our time running the survival store taught us a lot about which manufacturers take care of customers and which ones do not. We also learned a lot about the quality of some brands and their products by the rate of returns we would receive on any given item or brand. From food storage to tactical lighting, we have sold it all, and have a very good idea on how to spend the least amount of money while preparing for the worst.

So we thought that this knowledge shouldn’t go to waste. For this reason we decided to open an Amazon affiliate program and recommend the best survival gear to our readers. The move was not totally altruistic, as we are paid a commission when you click through and purchase items on the Amazon website (no additional cost to you of course). However, we did decide to do it differently than most of the pitch pages for products that you will see online and in the search results.

Our idea is simple: we will only list the products and brands that we have personally tested or sold in the past. This will ensure that your survival gear is sourced from reputable brands. Whenever possible, we will make available independent brand ratings and reviews from third parties that will help you with unbiased information about the product that you are seeking to acquire. We hope this section makes your prepping and survival a little easier and less expensive. Good luck and God bless!

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