Foraging / Hunting

Foraging / Hunting

Skinning Deer by Hand I’m sure that you’re all familiar with the old adage “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Well let me tell you, there are COUNTLESS ways of skinning a deer.  Some guys will hang a deer from the neck, make three incisions, and using a golf ball and winch, [...]

Feeding Your Family in SHTF Situation Imagine if you will S.H.T.F.  Be it from a complete socioeconomic fall out or a natural disaster, the grid is down, there is no power, no water, and whenever you try to make a phone call you get the “all circuits are currently busy” message.  The air is thick [...]

There are many survival scenarios; some take only a few days, others might run into weeks, months or even years. The longer the time, the more critical food supply becomes. Even for the best-stocked bug-out location, a long period under survival conditions will strain the food reserves, and the need for fresh food will increase. [...]

A sustainable food source is arguably one of the most important aspects of a successful survival plan. Building survival traps are an excellent way to diversify your current food procurement plans without spending a lot of money. The Benefits of Survival Traps Food stores deplete over time and you can only carry so many bullets for [...]

The Importance of  Potable Water in a Survival Situation The importance of water to the human body should be obvious to most of us. Comprised of 75% water, we need to consume approximately 2 liters per day to maintain healthy bodily function. Even though the Earth is predominantly water, it isn’t always easy to find. If [...]

Finding Sources of Water Post-Disaster

The Prepper’s Guide to Finding Sources of Water At some point, you may find yourself running out of stored water and finding sources of water to fill your needs will be crucial. To ensure that you have what you need to survive, it’s vital that you know how to find water. In our article, Storing [...]

Types of Energy Sources on a Homestead

Have Energy on Hand You’re going to need energy to run your homestead, but that can come from a number of different sources. Though alternative energy sources are big with homesteaders (especially the more remote ones), this article is going to cover the more conventional types of energy sources. Most of these are used as [...]

Food on the Homestead

Food on the Homestead A huge part of homesteading is the production of your own food. There is a real primal sense of accomplishment to produce the food you eat, not to mention the fact that it is going to be healthier and tastier than anything you’ll get at the store. Oh, and it costs [...]