Product: Eberlestock

Want to see the latest US Army rucksack before anyone else? This pack, MOLLE 4000,  is still in the testing phase but we’ve been able to get our hands on what should be the final version.   US Army to Field New MOLLE 4000 Rucksack in Late 2018 • Limited Distribution New Redesigned Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying [...]

Review: Eberlestock G2 and GS05 Gunslinger Packs

  This the original GS05M Gunslinger, a 2700 cubic inch pack with extraordinary features that set it apart from any other mid-size pack. The Back-scabbard is wide enough to hold any type of rifle, including assault rifles and sniper rifles with large scopes. The Gunslinger is an excellent organizational tool. The layout of its compartments, [...]