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This may seem obvious but redundancy in bug out bag gear doesn’t always mean having two of something. It’s closer to the old saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Redundancy in survival gear means having more than one way to cover a basic function. For example, some kind of stove can [...]

When it comes to a bug out bag backpack, there’s a spectrum of options. At one end, there’s literally a non-descript bag, into which you throw survival gear and get out of Dodge. At the other end is a bug out bag, or more exactly a backpack, designed for emergency get out of town scenarios [...]

Survivalist 101 sells both the bags/packs and much of the contents for the do-it-yourself assembler of a bug out bag. We also sell pre-loaded bug out bags; in fact, these are among our most popular items. It’s your choice which way to go. However, we don’t think it’s off the mark to say if you’re [...]

Everyone has their own opinion of the “ideal” survival gear, I know I certainly do. The problem with having an idealistic view of survivalism is that no survival situation is ever ideal. Your “BOB” (Bug Out Bag) or your “Go Bag” becomes your best friend in an emergency situation. This is especially true if you're [...]

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