Bug Out Bag List: Going Beyond the Basics of Food, Water, and Shelter

Room to Spare? Include Convenience Items on Your Bug Out Bag List

We’ve already covered the basic items that should go in your bug out bag, but if you have the space, or even enough members in your family to distribute the extra weight, there are many items that you can include on your bug out bag list that will make life on the go much easier.

Don’t sacrifice your basic items for these but if you have the additional room after packing the bug out bag basics, then consider including some of these items:

  1. Portable water filtration system
  2. Small cook stove and fuel
  3. Camp axe or other small axe
  4. 10 feet of wire: useful for snares, traps, building shelter, etc.
  5. Fishing hooks and line
  6. Folding camp shovel
  7. Emergency tent
  8. Coffee filters – these can be used for water filtration, wound cleaning, and a number of other things.
  9. Mess kit for cooking
  10. Heavy duty aluminum foil
  11. Emergency weather radio
  12. A complete medical/surgical kit
  13. 2-way radios with extra batteries
  14. Hand saw or bow saw
  15. Zip ties
  16. Bandanas – these are great, multi-use items. You can use them for bandages, slings, cooling devices, bindings, and water filtration.
  17. Machete
  18. Lock-picking set, if you know how to use it
  19. Zip lock bags
  20. Weapons

Packing Weapons for Your Bug Out Bag

Bug out bag list

Any weapons you don’t carry on your person should be included in your bug out bag.

If you want to include weapons on your bug out bag list, feel free to do so. Depending on the season, you might be interested in a Deer Hunting Gear Guide as well. Remember that if you’re going to carry a weapon, you need to learn how to use it, if you don’t know already. (Yes, believe it or not, many people carry a weapon that they don’t know how to use properly)

If you’re going to carry guns, you’re going to need ammo and a way to carry it on your body or in a pouch attached to your bag. Ammunition can be heavy, so plan accordingly. You also need to carry a gun cleaning kit to keep your firearm in good working condition.

If you don’t have a gun or don’t want to get one, you may be better off learning to use a knife or a bow for hunting or self-defense. Machetes can clear brush, chop wood, and kill zombies. Primitive weapons are another option, especially if they can be used in conjunction with other items you have packed. Consider individual arrow points that can be lashed to a pole or spear made from a sturdy branch. If you are lucky and have trail cameras, I would use them as a perimeter first alert defense, I have been reading up on trail camera reviews. To be frank, I didn’t think they had so many uses.

Slingshots can be used to hunt small game, or for self defense. Other hand-tools can be used in this capacity, too and will fit into the œmulti-use category that you’re trying to work within. Remember that you can always add or subtract items from a bug out bag list, it isn’t set in stone.

Need more information about the necessary contents of a bug-out-bag? Learn some great tips in our articles What Should Be in a Bug Out Bag? and How to Make a Bug Out Bag.

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