First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

What EXACTLY is a Pandemic? What’s the difference between a nasty weekend flu that’s going around and a pandemic? Body count. That’s one way to look at a major catastrophe caused by a rapidly spreading disease. This is not a theoretical subject. In 1918 an influenza outbreak, variously called the Spanish Flu Pandemic, the 1918 Flu [...]

Top 3 First Aid Skills You Need to Have

Learn Necessary Survival Skills from Trained Professionals When you think about survival skills, you may be thinking more along the lines of squirting blood and broken bones, but in reality you’re probably going to face more mundane issues such as heart attacks, diabetic issues, and other “normal” medical issues in real life. We’re going to [...]

How to Build a Survival First Aid Kit

  A well-stocked first aid kit is every bit as essential to your stockpile as food and water. After all, how dumb would it be to die of infection from a little cut when a dab or two of iodine would have saved your life? The problem is that there are about a million “œcures [...]