First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

As a gunsmith and competitive shooter, I know a lot about firearms but I have never been in a firefight. Not knowing about Gunshot Wound Treatment in the event I am in one and someone I care about is hit scared the hell out of me and prompted me to write this article.

Have You Reviewed Your Blackout Preps Lately? Over the past couple weeks, we here in the Ozarks have braced twice for possibly severe winter weather. The Weather Channel has even begun naming winter storms, for dramatic effect it seems. Anyway, many of us in the potentially affected area got ourselves ready to hunker down and [...]

Medicinal Herbs to Grow in a Survival Garden There are hundreds or possibly even thousands of medicinal herbs that you could choose to plant if you have unlimited space and the leisure to learn the various conditions they can treat. However, if you’re just starting out or if you only want to grow some basic [...]

People have gotten sick since the first time that Eve got the sniffles, but “modern” medicine has only really existed for about the last 100 years. So what did everybody do before there were antibiotics, acetaminophen, milk of magnesia or triple antibiotic ointment? They used herbal medicine, of course! All about Herbal Medicine It used [...]

What is a Pandemic? What’s the difference between a nasty weekend flu that’s going around and a pandemic? Body count. That’s one way to look at a major catastrophe caused by a rapidly spreading disease. This is not a theoretical subject. In 1918 an influenza outbreak, variously called the Spanish Flu Pandemic, the 1918 Flu [...]

How to Treat Your Conditions Naturally Modern medicine is certainly a miracle, but have you ever considered what would happen if we didn’t have access to the technology physicians rely on? If we suddenly had no electricity, our society would immediately lose decades of medical advances in a single instant. That’s why every survivalist needs [...]

Build a Hurricane Kit If you live in the Atlantic states or along the Gulf Coast and haven’t yet made preparations for hurricane season, now is the time to do so. Every year hurricanes cause massive amounts of damage, not just from the hurricane itself but from the violent thunder storms and tornadoes that often [...]

Top 3 First Aid Skills You Need to Have

Learn Necessary Survival Skills from Trained Professionals When you think about survival skills, you may be thinking more along the lines of squirting blood and broken bones, but in reality you’re probably going to face more mundane issues such as heart attacks, diabetic issues, and other “normal” medical issues in real life. We’re going to [...]

How to Build a Survival First Aid Kit

  A well-stocked first aid kit is every bit as essential to your stockpile as food and water. After all, how dumb would it be to die of infection from a little cut when a dab or two of iodine would have saved your life? The problem is that there are about a million “œcures [...]