Secrets of the Food Storage Industry They Don’t Want You to Know

Food Storage Industry SecretsFood Storage Companies: Are They All Created Equal?

As sellers of emergency food storage, we feel that we owe it to our readers to be upfront and honest about the products we sell.

That is why we recently reported the OvaEasy/Nutriom recall by the USDA to inform our customers about the safety of their food storage products. (We do not sell any OvaEasy products, nor do we carry any foods that use Nutriom’s egg products in their emergency food.)

However, it got us to thinking about the complex nature of the emergency food storage industry, because let’s face it, there are a lot of food storage companies that have popped up in recent years.

Some companies are well known due to heavy advertising on TV or by celebrity spokespeople, while others have constructed MLM style business structures with consultants and home parties.

Whatever their business model and marketing strategies, all food storage companies are claiming to be the “best” in food storage – but how does a consumer go about determining which company truly has a great product from one that is simply jumping on the emergency food bandwagon?

Food Storage: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

There seems to be much confusion among consumers about which brands are produced by which company, where they source their ingredients from, and the individual claims they have about the shelf life of their products.

In fact, during our own research, we were given conflicting information on many topics, such as manufacturing processes, reselling, and “white labeling. (a process where you can put your private label on the exact product another company sells)”

What started out as an idea for one article quickly became an investigative series into the secretive world of the food storage industry. And we’re not exaggerating about the secrecy aspect, because getting  information from some of the companies was a real challenge. Needless to say, a few of them stated that we were asking for proprietary information and wouldn’t speak to us further.

We wanted to discover the truth behind all the claims that food storage companies make to separate consumers from their hard earned money.

To this end, we decided to do an expose revealing all the facets of the food storage industry, including profiles of each company and reviews of their products. We will also cover the nutritional value, packaging, and costs of various one year food storage packages sold by different food storage companies.

Our hope is that we can cut through the proverbial noise and provide useful advice to consumers so that they can make an informed decision about their emergency food preps.

Look for the debut of Survivalist 101’s  “Food Storage Review Series” on our blog and Facebook page starting Monday, February 24, 2014.

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