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Latest Articles

  RAND researchers present an overview of their key findings on hypersonic missiles — a new class of military threat capable of maneuvering and flying faster than 5,000 kilometers per hour. Richard Speier, George Nacouzi, Rich Moore, and 2015–2016 Stanton Nuclear Fellow Carrie Lee describe how speed and maneuverability enable such missiles to penetrate most [...]

  There is no blueprint for shelter building. Terrain and circumstance will dictate the final structure. If I look back over the years and remember every single one that I’ve slept in, each one was different, each had its own set of quirks, foibles, discomforts, and itches. You rarely sleep well in a wilderness shelter [...]

  Primose (Primula vulgaris) It is a perennial growing 10–30 cm (4–12 in) tall, with a basal rosette of leaves which are more-or-less evergreen in favoured habitats. It flowers in early spring in the northern hemisphere (February-April) on slopes and meadows. The leaves are 5–25 cm long and 2–6 cm broad, often heavily wrinkled, with [...]

Solar Cookers – Cooking with the Sun

A solar cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurise drink and other food materials. Many solar cookers currently in use are relatively inexpensive, low-tech devices, although some are as powerful or as expensive as traditional stoves and advanced, large-scale solar cookers can cook for hundreds of people.  Because they use no fuel and cost nothing [...]

Finding the Best Survival Knife of 2018: Having the name “Survivalist 101” we pride ourselves on being able to recognize and recommend the very best survival knife on the market. Over the years, we have tested hundreds of products, and stand behind every recommendation we have made. Survival knives are no different. So, today we [...]