Survival Kit for Hurricanes: Prepare Ahead of Time

Hurricanes bring to mind destructive winds and heavy rains, but in fact, the wind is often the least of your worries! It’s OK though because we’ve put together an excellent Survival Kit for Hurricanes that you can pick up in our store.

Throughout the following paragraphs, we’re going to tell you what each component is used for and also offer some suggestions for alternative tools and gadgets that you can add yourselves.

What Should Be in a Survival Kit for Hurricanes?

Because we’ve been there, we have a pretty good idea of what should go into a Survival Kit for Hurricanes, so we took the opportunity to put one together for you. Here are some of the things that we’ve included.

Food: We’ve included cook in pouch freeze-dried food along with a manual GI type can opener to open your cans of stored food.

Water: You are going to need water for drinking, and also for bathing and sanitation purposes. We’ve included water sachets, purification drops and a bathtub bladder that you can fill in your tub in order to have potable water after the storm.

Lights: Since the power will probably be out, you’re going to need light sources and fire sources. We’ve included both in the form of lighters, matches, a lantern with a radio so that you can hear the latest reports, and flashlights with batteries.

Sanitation Kit: Nobody wants to think about it, but if your toilet won’t flush after the storm, you’re going to need a place to go. We’ve included a portable toilet in the form of a bucket with a toilet seat lid along with waste disposal bags.

Hygiene Kit: Nothing feels better after a long night of storm watching than brushing your teeth and washing off the storm grunge. Our hygiene supplies that we include in the Survival Kit for Hurricanes includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, wipes, soap, razors and other hygiene items.

First Aid Kit: Hurricanes are dangerous events and the risk of serious injury is high. You need to have a good first aid kit and we’ve included one in our Survival kit.

survival kit for hurricanesTools: Whether you’re repairing a damaged roof, building a shelter or turning off your utilities, you’re going to need tools. Our Survival Kit for Hurricanes contains several including:

  • Swiss Army style multi-function knife tool – you can always use these!
  • Tarp to cover a damaged roof, catch rain water or build a shelter
  • Rope is always handy to have, no matter what the emergency
  • Emergency stove because without power, cooking will be tough
  • Can opener
  • Duct tape – it’s true that duct tape fixes nearly everything. You can also use it as rope, as a patch, or to affix your tarp to something to build a shelter.
  • Pry bar tool – this is great for prying wood off of your windows or for multiple other uses in an emergency situation.
  • Gas and water shut-off tool – makes shutting your utilities off easy. You don’t want to leave them on during a hurricane, especially if you’re evacuating.
  • Shovel multi-tool – you can use this for digging out campfire holes, as a pick, or to cut things such as roots. Following a hurricane, a shovel is always a good thing to have in your Survival Kit for Hurricanes.
  • Goggles – Even after the winds die down, it’s still going to be really breezy for as long as several days and debris will be flying around. Goggles protect your eyes from all of that.
  • Dust mask – Same purpose as the goggles, except it protects you from breathing in the dust and debris.
  • Warmth and Shelter – you always want to have a means to stay warm and dry so we’ve included emergency space blankets, a tube tent, rain ponchos and body warmers in our Survival kit.

Survival kit for hurricaneIn addition to the items contained in our kit, you should also include the following when you’re preparing your Survival Kit for Hurricanes:

  • Heavy duty waterproof boots and sturdy shoes because you’ll be walking through muck, flood waters and debris. It can be specialized boots like walking boots or hunting boots like from Top 9 Best Hunting Boots for 2017  – Top9Rated.
  • Backup power sources such as generators and grills, and fuel to keep them going for several days up to two weeks. It isn’t uncommon for power to be off for several weeks in some areas following a major hurricane.
  • Plenty of backup water sources such as water jugs or water bricks filled with water for drinking, bathing and cooking. Freeze them in advance to help keep your food cold for as long as possible.
  • It’s always good to have backup fuel for your vehicles as well because gas can become scarce after a hurricane. Unless you want to be stuck, stock up on fuel.
  • Plastic sheeting is a good thing to have on hand in case you have a window break in your house or your vehicle. It can also be used as a tarp to cover a damaged roof, build a shelter or catch rain water.

As with all emergency situations, being prepared for a hurricane is your key to survival. Our Survival Kit for Hurricanes helps you get a head start and if you add the other items that we suggest, you’ll be well ahead of the game. Just remember – stay calm, be prepared and do what you need to do to get through it.

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