There are many survival scenarios; some take only a few days, others might run into weeks, months or even years. The longer the time, the more critical food supply becomes. Even for the best-stocked bug-out location, a long period under survival conditions will strain the food reserves, and the need for fresh food will increase. [...]

Survival Knives 101: Introduction Here’s the idea: The survival knife should be a part of you. You wear it all your waking hours (at least). You feel comfortable using it in almost any situation. Excluding hunting or combat, the survival knife is more important than a gun, and a lot more versatile. In fact, using [...]

 Ultimate Bug Out Bag – Overview: Updated: This tutorial references “Ultimate Bugout Bags” which we used to build and sell. We no longer sell bug out bags. Building or buying the “Ultimate Bug Out Bag” is relative to each person’s situation. This is because these bags are designed to save your life and help you escape from danger or [...]

Survivalist Tutorials

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Survival Food Storage 101

Survival Food Storage Buying Guide 5 Golden Rules of Survival Food Survival Food Packaging How Much Survival Food Do I Need? Calories vs. Servings Survival Food: The Hard Way or Easy Way? Survival Food … Ingredients Matter. Survival Food: Taste Matters. Survival Food Packages (Not Packaging) Survival Food Shelf Life MRE vs Freeze Dried Survival [...]

Outdoor Skills 101

Our outdoor skills 101 guide was developed with the purpose of teaching various skills that are useful in camping, hiking, and survival situations. In addition, we provide helpful tips for using materials that are found in nature to construct shelters, determine direction, or trap small game. You will find valuable information about bush-craft skills such [...]

Financial Prepping 101

While it can’t be foretold with absolute certainty what lies ahead of us on the other side of major catastrophe, one thing we can count on is eventual food and supply shortages, and very probably, cash shortages. When preparing for such a situation, you have a choice: Have severe frugality forced upon you, or prepare [...]

Homesteading 101

Table of Contents Who Are the Homesteaders? Perception vs Truth of Homesteading Why Homestead? Forming an Action Plan Choosing Your Homestead Land Sources of Water on the Homestead Types of Energy Sources Types of Alternative Energy Food on the Homestead How to Preserve Food Communications on a Homestead   What is Homesteading? In this age [...]

Prepping 101 – Survival Guide

When we first started prepping the biggest question that we had was “where do we start?” It’s a pretty daunting task to try to prepare for everything that could  possibly go wrong in life. So, what we decided to do is to begin with the basics and build on that foundation. Whether you’re a seasoned [...]