Self suffieciency signIn the aftermath of a major calamity there are certain things you must have to ensure the safety and survival of your family. In these pages you will find an abundance of information and advice on food, supplies, and bug-out bags, all of which are essential when you’re in survival mode, but the one thing that will do more to keep you safe and ensure your survival is knowledge. More specifically, the knowledge of skills can be much more valuable than a garage full of supplies. You can eventually run out of supplies, but, once you have them, you can never run out of skills. For preppers, acquiring essential skills is probably the best investment you can make.

The Essential Prepper Skills

These are what we would call requisite skills, those that every survivalist should know regardless of the circumstances, and then there are those skills that, in any given circumstance, could save your life or at the very least make your life much easier. If it comes down to a matter of time, priorities, and expense, it would be imperative to tackle the requisite skills first. It’s important to keep in mind that skills will have value as barter. Any investment you have to make now to learn a skill will almost certainly bring you much greater returns.

Requisite Skills

  • First aid
  • Canning, food preservation
  • Car and bicycle repair
  • Sewing
  • Home maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Hunting, fishing
  • Self defense

Other Essential Survival Skills

  • Outdoor survival or wilderness training “ including making shelters and traps, skinning animals, fire-starting, and foraging.
  • Weapons training, aside from hunting, there could come a time when firearms and other forms of weaponry will be required to protect your home, to defend yourself, etc. Your weapons training should also include ammo reloading as ammunition will become scarce.
  • Communications – the most reliable communications device in the aftermath is a HAM radio which requires an FCC license and about ten hours of study.
  • Home defense -“ If you decide to stay in place, your home will become a target.

How to Learn Survival Skills on a Budget

Internet: Needless to say, there isn’t anything you can’t learn on the Internet,“ everything from baiting fish hooks, to building a generator, to planning a garden and first aid is available in video and written format with diagrams and detailed steps.

Libraries:“ Remember those? You’re likely to find books by all of the authorities on outdoor survival.

Community resources: Skills such as car repair, first aid, sewing classes, self defense and nutrition, can be acquired through the local community college or through community programs. Many communities and the Red Cross offer emergency preparedness and first aid courses.

Hunting or gun clubs: They usually require a membership fee but they are well worth it for gleaning everything you need to know.

Wilderness clubs:“ Again, they may require a membership fee, but the knowledge, experience and skills you pick up will be invaluable. Plus you will become a part of camaraderie that may become your survival allies.

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