Survival HomeIf you need to get out of Dodge quickly and safely, the absolute key element to a bug-out plan is to have a destination that, if need be, can accommodate and protect your family for an indefinite period of time. And the only way to ensure that such a destination awaits you is to make it your survival home. But, before you go thinking that a survival home has to be some concrete bunker planted out in the middle of nowhere, why not begin to imagine it as your vacation destination as well? You might have even dreamed of having a vacation home at some point. Well, building a refuge for you and your family may just be the motivation you need.

Certainly there are a lot of key considerations in selecting a survival home location. Such factors as remoteness, acreage, land use, access to water and power are all important, but, contrary to some opinions, you don’™t necessarily have to settle for the boon docks, when you can find sufficient protection in areas more suited for a vacation-like family getaway. If you’™re survival home is too far away or remote, you are not likely to visit it very often which can leave it vulnerable to looters or squatters.

Let’™s see if we can match the criteria for a safe and secure bug out location with that of a vacation getaway to arrive at an ideal multi-purpose location.


Survival Home -Distance

Your bug out location should be far enough away so that whatever danger is forcing you to bug out can’™t reach your refuge. But, if it is too far away, you could run into fuel issues or highway closures. Although you should always carry extra fuel and have several, alternative bug-out routes, the farther the distance, the greater the possibility for things to go wrong. Two hours distance should be sufficient.

Survival Home –Remoteness

We’™ve touched on this already, but the real issue is how far removed from society or neighbors do you need or want to be? While some might say that the more remote, the better, you could leave your home vulnerable. It might make more sense to consider a property with neighbors in your line of sight. Chances are, they are there for the same reason you are, so there can be a shared purpose and alliance. You also don’™t want your location to be too far away from supplies.

Survival Home –Land Use

In building your refuge, you will most likely need to do some development of your property. Certainly, building your home to your specifications is important, and you may want to add some structures. Digging a well or even a pond will be essential. So, it’™s important that your land not be subject to restrictive land use covenants or building codes. This may make it difficult to find property closer to a community, but you should be able narrow your search through online listings.

Now, putting these factors together and using a drawing compass, you should be able to identify locations within a two hour drive from your house that are remote enough but within easy reach of neighbors and a nearby community. That can make it possible for you to have a way to create more family memories while preparing for the worst case scenarios.

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