Zombie Bug Out Bag – Items to Pack Beyond the Norm

Zombie Bug Out Bag Must-Haves

Some people believe in the possibility of a Zombie apocalypse and others don’t, but the capacity for a naturally derived or chemically engineered virus that causes widespread infection and zombie type symptoms isn’t beyond the realm of reason.

Building a zombie bug out bag is going to be pretty much like building a bug out bag for any other large-scale disaster with the exception of your weapons.

Make sure that you make a wise choice when choosing your zombie bug out bag, as the bag will need to be able to hold the essentials such as food, water, first aid kit, fire supplies, and survival tools, as well as your weapons. Back packs that have loops to hold ammo pouches, and straps for your rifle and other weapons will be better than your average back pack used for carrying school supplies.

As with most disaster preparedness tools, what weapons you choose to use will depend upon your personal preferences and skills. Some people are perfectly at home using a mace (a heavy club with spikes) but most folks have never even SEEN one, let alone taken the time to become proficient with it. Don’t worry though, we’re going to take the next few paragraphs to review some common items that will make great tools for zombie slaying.

Your Own Two Feet

That’s right, the best way to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse is to run. As part of your bug out plan, create several different escape routes and evacuate if at all possible. Standing and fighting increases your odds of infection or death drastically, so if you’ve got a decent chance to avoid fighting and simply escape, then run for it.

However, running will only get you so far, and at some point you will likely have to fight off an attacker, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a zombie bug out bag and a weapon on hand?

Know How to Use Your Weapons

Anyone who carries a weapon, whether it is a firearm, knife, or machete should be comfortable handling it and know how to use it. Having a weapon and having no clue how to use it is pointless, and could ultimately cost you your life. Practicing with your weapon or weapons of choice ahead of time is necessary for a zombie apocalypse or any other disaster or crisis that may happen.

Zombie bug out bagRifle, Shotgun or Pistol

If you have to engage, it’s best to use a weapon that’s lethal from afar. Use your bullets sparingly and always shoot for the head – body shots are just wasted ammo. Always know how many shots you have left and try to have a backup weapon for close combat in case it comes to that. A tactical vest or belt that can hold your ammo and multiple weapons is a great investment for very little cost.

Sword, aka Katana

You may recognize this better as a Samurai sword. Perfectly good renditions of them reside above the fireplace in many American homes. They’re awesome because you can either swing them or stab with them.

Make sure that its razor sharp and that you follow through on the swing when you’re aiming to separate a zombie’s head from his body. The area about 3 inches behind the tip is where you should try to cut with because that’s where you get optimal power.

Baseball Bat

Nothing bashes a zombie head in like a good ole’ Louisville Slugger, though you may get more miles out of an aluminum bat than a wooden one. As with the sword, make sure that you follow through on the swing; aim to swing THROUGH his head instead of at it, that will help provide the force that you need to do the necessary amount of damage.

Sharpened Broom Stick or Broken Chair/Table Leg

In a pinch, a sharpened broom stick or other wooden spiked household object will make a great brain-piercer. If you want to make a truly wicked zombie slayer with it, lash a knife to the end and use it as a spear. Shoot for the eye if possible.

The temple, nasal cavity, or under the chin and up into the brain are also options. Your goal is to stay as far away as possible in order to avoid infection so if you can get the zombie in the eye from a few feet away, that’s the way to go.

Zombie bug out bagZombie Bug Out Bag Machetes

If you have to fight close up, a machete is a good weapon to have. Like a sword, you can behead them with it, lop of offending limbs with it or stab them with it so it’s multi-purpose. Make sure that you keep it sharp. The only downside is that if you’re close enough to use a machete, you’re close enough to get infected. Be careful.

Zombie Bug Out Bag Axe or Hatchets

These are brain-smashing machines to be sure but there are a couple of downsides to them. First, you have to be within bite range to use them. Second, they may get stuck in the skull, causing you to lose balance and fall into the zombie; an accident you REALLY don’t want to happen! On the other hand, they’re effective in close quarters and you can always use them to chop down small trees or doors later, so they’re multi-purpose.

These are just a few of the top tools that we recommend. Notice that we left off such things as knives, claw hammers and other close-range combat weapons. That’s not because they wouldn’t work, it’s just that if you’re pinned in to the point that you’re stabbing a zombie in the eye with your knife, you’re in trouble.

Remember, your best defense is your ability to move fast. If you can get away without a fight, your risk of infection drops to nil, at least that time. If you can’t escape, then use whatever you have to use in order to survive. Good luck!

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