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NTOA Rated and ApprovedSurvival Systems vs Survival Kits

The Legendary Survival System is the only survival kit platform that allows you to have complete control over the design, quality and cost of your Bug-Out Bag. Our proprietary survival systems are designed by Survivalists for Survivalists and have been tested and proven in the harshest of terrains.

When you buy a Legendary Survival System you are not only buying quality, you are buying experience. We tap into a collective of over 400 years of survival experience when designing and testing each system to ensure they do exactly what they are supposed to do, keep you alive.

All of our Bug-Out Bag Systems are built with double and triple redundancy on “mission critical” items like water, fire and shelter. Redundancy and scalability is just one of the many thought processes that go into each and every Legendary Survival Systems; which is why they are the renowned favorite survival kit of military operators and police officers across America.

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Survivalist 101 Annual Top 10 Survival Knives List!

by Samson Bearkiller on March 26, 2014. Updated March 27, 2014

es3pkodt-SMThe list of knives below cost between $39 and $200. We chose the best inexpensive knives and moderately priced knives to cover everyone’s budget; and to find the BEST overall survival knives.

Remember, it’s a survival knife … and it doesn’t work if you can’t afford it! However, if it’s worth it, it might be good to save up for the better knife. Let us know what you think. [click to continue…]

Water: How To Store the Single Most Important Emergency Item

March 13, 2014

The average human can survive without food for a month or more depending on the circumstances, but cannot survive without water for more than three to seven days.  With water making up 65 percent of the body, it’s essential for life. How Disasters Affect Water Supplies Unless you’re living in California, where even the latest […]

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Best Practices to Ensuring GMO-Free Food Storage

March 11, 2014

We’d like to welcome Phil Cox, CEO of Legacy Food Storage, to our Food Storage Review Series. Phil has graciously shared his knowledge of the issue of GMOs in food storage, and how consumers can best determine if their food vendor meets GMO free requirements. A Message from Phil Cox, CEO of Legacy Food Storage […]

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Field Stripping and Cleaning a 1911 Pistol: In Depth Tutorial

March 10, 2014

Cleaning Is the Most Crucial Part of Gun Maintenance  This article will explain step-by-step the most basic of gunsmithing skills, cleaning. Of the hundreds of guns I look at each year, 65% of them just need a good cleaning. I charge around $40 to do this simple procedure, but it can easily be done at […]

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Glenn Beck’s Food Storage Sponsor – Dishonest Advertisers?

March 1, 2014
Thumbnail image for Glenn Beck’s Food Storage Sponsor – Dishonest Advertisers?

Glenn Beck is famous for getting to the truth of things, here’s one truth he may have overlooked… My company, Survivalist 101, sells food storage and other survivalist  gear. A little more than a month ago I inquired about advertising on Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze and was told “We are not accepting advertising from companies […]

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Food Storage Review – Food4Patriots – Consumer Warning!

February 27, 2014

Hey guys. Doing our research on food storage vs. marketing companies we came across this gem of a company: If you have been on Facebook for any length of time you have probably seen their marketing infomercial pitch page. It usually flies under a heading like ” What FEMA doesn’t Want you to Know” […]

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Food Storage Review Criteria: Nutrition, Packaging, Quality, and Price

February 26, 2014

Nutritional Value of Long Term Food Storage If you’ve done any research, you’ll know that buying food for emergencies is a bit different from routine shopping. While nutritional value is (or should be) always a matter of attention, when buying for emergencies it can easily become critical. You need enough calories to have energy and […]

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Food Storage Secrets – Round One – Understanding the Business.

February 24, 2014

Are All Food Storage Companies the Same? Have you ever wondered why #17 at most Mexican restaurants is almost always Chile Rellenos? Or why the menus are eerily the same among Mexican restaurants from city to city and town to town? I have, because little things like that bother me, especially when it comes to […]

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Secrets of the Food Storage Industry They Don’t Want You to Know

February 21, 2014

Food Storage Companies: Are They All Created Equal? As sellers of emergency food storage, we feel that we owe it to our readers to be upfront and honest about the products we sell. That is why we recently reported the OvaEasy/Nutriom recall by the USDA to inform our customers about the safety of their food […]

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